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April 2019 Edition Puzzle

April 2019 Edition included a puzzle, which included a special message. For those of you who have not been able to locate or uncover this message. Here, it is ……


If you look at the barcode in the edition, this was the puzzle---a cryptogram. Deciphering this message also reveals why there is a fraternal organization connection, as Clantor asks about the other connections such as the fraternal organizations (i.e., a non-Greek, non-panhellenic sorority and fraternity connection). If you guessed it, the message is: I AM ANOINTED.


What makes Bernice so special is she is anointed. The truth of her anointing slowly reveals itself, which ultimately changes the game for the groups harassing Bernice.


Little did these groups know, a secret and mysterious entity (non-fraternal connected and its sole purpose is to protect people like Bernice) has been following these groups every move for several decades or more. This spells danger for these groups, as little did they know what they have done to Bernice has endangered their lives.


Stay tuned as Clantor is on the trail of uncovering the truth about Bernice and also uncovering the danger these groups have placed themselves.