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Out of the Shadows into the Light

*Many know this is a hobby. However, I have been challenged in 2020 to create a comic strip purely on visuals with no dialogue. I am up for it!

Edition: The mysterious woman, who stalked and harassed Bernice, became a person of interest for clandestine groups. This made her desperate to find what made Bernice so special that these groups would go to great extents in protecting Bernice.

Because the mysterious woman was wealthy and well-connected, she would find the answer but would later regret finding the answer and harassing Bernice. Like most people, she thought Bernice was crazy. But she would find Bernice was far from crazy and very much sane.

So, what made Bernice so special? Bernice was an unwilling participant in a military government experiment at birth, forced into the experiment by her estranged father. Even more important was Bernice was also anointed. This meant Bernice possessed knowledge and enhanced powers that provided an advantage to the military and government. With Bernice on anyone’s team, she provided an advantage. This also meant those who hindered, harassed or went against Bernice were not good people and ultimately karma and the universal forces came together to bring justice for Bernice.


The clandestine groups possessed special knowledge of this and were tasked with protecting Bernice. They were constantly in the shadows all of Bernice’s life, watching, investigating those who pose a threat to Bernice, got in her way or otherwise harassed her. Clantor and The Department would also find Bernice’s anointing was much more valuable than these groups thought.