MARCH 2020 Edition

March 2020 Edition: Information is Currency

Many know this is a hobby. However, I have been challenged in 2020 to create a comic strip purely on visuals with no dialogue. I am up for it!


Remember the February 2020 Edition showed us just because something sounds crazy doesn't make it unreal. Truth is sometimes stranger than fiction.


This edition is called "Information is Currency." This depicts Clantor and 'The Department' uncovering why government, military and police were stalking and harassing Bernice and why Bernice's bio father and some in government and military tried discrediting Bernice.

Bernice's bio father participated in an experiment, while in the military, where Bernice was the subject of this experiment: he did something to Bernice, when she was inside her mother's womb. This explained why Bernice's life and environment always had government and military people and connections around her. She was an experiment.

When Bernice uncovered this, there was a concerted effort to discredit her, since she never consented to this and discrediting her was the best way to avoid scrutiny, punishment and the billions of dollars eventually owed to Bernice for illegal and unethical experimentation that occurred since birth and continued.

Information is currency and eventually a whistleblower cashed this in.

Yes, there's more ... stay tuned to April 2020 Edition.