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Deep, dark, state secrets send Bernice on a journey like no other.

Deemed a music child prodigy and becoming one of the youngest prosecutors in the nation, Bernice Rathe is undoubtedly a high achiever and accomplished person, who had to overcome many barriers to achieve her success.


Bernice’s ambition and desire to fight for justice led her to apply for a top secret government job. A perfect candidate for the job, Bernice’s vetting process went smoothly until one day the process stalled and eventually her life derailed. Instead of working for the government in fighting for justice, she became a target for rogue government elements. Desperate to prove her innocence and uncover the truth, Bernice is discredited and falsely pegged as bipolar and paranoid delusional as well as a terrorist, among other lies and deception.


But, why? Bernice sets out to find the truth about why she has been discredited and targeted for death by these rogue elements. She faces the biggest challenges of her life. However, the secrets she finds will shock and rock the nation and world.


Bea Giovanni weaves mystery, sci-fi, and fantasy into this thriller novel. She leaves no stone unturned. There is something for everyone in this fictional novel.

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Bernice Rathe is Bea Giovanni's debut novel. Bea has written scholarly articles on a variety of topics including international and domestic law, intellectual property, religion, innovation and business.


Before long, Bea took up fictional writing as a hobby. What started off as a hobby eventually led to this novel, Bernice Rathe. Bea attributes this to her enjoyment in writing in a different voice and view, while bringing her words and imagination to life. 


Bea Giovanni is a former government lawyer, where, prior to law, success in a multitude of areas started early in life including as a music child prodigy. Bea also served in numerous roles and careers including serving as a United Nations Delegate for a NGO, a mediator, an associate professor-lecturer as well as an assistant producer of a reality TV series. In a TEDx talk, speaking under her real name (Brandy G. Robinson), she also spoke about narrative writing and how she wrote Bernice Rathe as a creative depiction of her life story under the pen name of Bea Giovanni. The TEDx talk is entitled, "Your Narrative is Your Super Power." Click here to see the talk. 

In her spare time, Bea enjoys spending time with family, friends and her two rescue dogs, taking in a meal or two with friends, listening to music, playing video games, traveling, going to the movies, dancing, solving puzzles, fitness, catching up on Netflix, eating gummy bears, volunteering, watching superhero, action and adventure movies, and exploring food carts and restaurants, testing out the newest tech gadgets, computer coding, and just doing random, spontaneous fun activities (or what Bea calls ‘spontaneous randomness’).


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